Oxford Textbooks

Our curriculum is designed strictly in accordance with the National Curriculum of Pakistan, approved by the Federal Ministry of Education. As for the textbooks, we have opted for Oxford University Press who, by far, maintain the best standards in course content, quality of printing and availability of textbooks. They also conduct Teachers Training Workshops to keep our faculty up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in curriculum development.

English Conversation Classes

Fluency in spoken English is a “trade mark” of St. Francis’. At St. Francis’ we provide our students such an environment where they can gain proficiency in spoken English in a natural way. We encourage our students to converse in English all the time when they are on campus. To further enhance the standard of spoken English, we have incorporated English Conversation Classes in the weekly time table up to Grade 7. The main focus of these classes is to encourage the students to listen and speak English in a group environment under the supervision of a trained teacher who would facilitate them to discuss a host of issues of their interest.

Computer Education

Computer Studies is a compulsory subject from Classes 1 to 8 and we are all set to offer it as an elective subject in Classes 9 and 10. Recently, we have renovated our computer labs, separate for boys and girls section, to bring them at par with the requirements of our updated curriculum of Computer Studies. We have also provided multimedia facility in the labs.