Physical Training - PT

PT/Drill Displays are conducted on inter-house basis. These are an impressive display of melody and rhythm with choreographed movements. The participating students, both boys and girls try to do their best to win the special trophy for their drill display. They prepare and practice all year long for the final event in 3 weekly periods dedicated for PT and Drill.

March Past

Boys and Girls Squads of all the four houses present Guard of Honour to the Chief Guest of Sports Meet. Later they march past the dais saluting the guests of honour. The flag carriers carry the National Flag, School Flag and the flags of their respective houses. The climax of the March Past is the flag march in which the flag carriers carry their flags to honour their country, school and houses. Carrying a flag on this special occasion is a dream of all the students. 

School Band

Our brass band is a distinctive feature of our school. The instructors from Army School of Music train our boys and girls to play various brass instruments and a wide array of drums to accompany the March Past. It turns out to be an impressive spectacle when our specially trained students twirl the baton while conducting the band.