We proudly claim to provide our students unmatched and unparalleled sports facilities. Our Sports ground is one of its kind with regulation size 200m, 7 lane athletic track. Our basketball, volleyball, badminton and netball courts conform to international standards and size. Perhaps no other school can claim to have spent 25 million rupees for buying extra land from PDA on commercial rates to extend the playground and to increase the number of courts!

science lab

Our Science Lab is one of the most sought-after venues in school. Students of all classes, from primary to secondary love to come to the lab and perform science experiments and activities. We take pleasure in spending huge sums of money on regular basis for apparatus, equipment and chemicals so that our students can carry out virtually any activity mentioned in their science books. Our science lab also serves as the Practical Examination Centre for BISE SSC examination centre for us and for several other schools in the adjoining areas.

computer lab

Computer Studies is a compulsory subject from Classes 1 to 8 and we are all set to offer it as an elective subject in Classes 9 and 10. Recently, we have renovated our computer labs, separate for boys’ and girls’ sections, to bring them at par with the requirements of our updated curriculum of Computer Studies. We have also provided multimedia facility in the labs.


For a young scholar, no place can be more pleasant than a well-stocked, serene library. Our school library has thousands of books on diverse subjects for all age groups. In todays world, where reading books is a fading tradition, our students go to the library every week in the library period and cherish reading and borrowing the books. The library also serves as the archives room where we keep the treasured documents, videos, records and archives related to the history of our school.

Extra Coaching Classes

Our teachers are always ready to run an extra mile along with their students to help them achieve their maximum potential in studies. In the final term, before the Promotion Test, we offer “free of charge” Extra Coaching Classes to all students, particularly the weaker ones. Over the years, this has helped many students to overcome their academic weakness and saving a precious year of their academic career.

Play areas for children

Play is not the absence of work. It is the fulfillment of your joyful and creative spirit. We provide plenty of opportunities to younger children where they can enjoy and socialize in the play area. We provide them trainer bicycles, hop balls, swings and sand pit. All this is in strict conformation with safety regulations and monitored by their teachers and games masters. Unfortunately, most of the families cannot provide such activities due to certain limitations, so children enjoy to the fullest with their friends in school.

our environment

We strongly believe that conducive environment is essential for the success of teaching-learning process. It is also necessary for physical and mental growth of children. At St. Francis’, we strive to keep our students close to nature. We have well kept botanical and zoological gardens with 70 species of plants, 45 species of cacti and 37 species of animals; some of them are rare to find in our region. Students learn to appreciate nature, praise their Creator and to co-exist with their ecological partners. Our students love to take home the plants from school, adopt animals and take care of them.

Exclusive Transportation fleet

Exclusive transport facility is provided for the students and teachers of St. Francis’ High School. Our staff and students can rely on our transport pool to reach school safely, regularly and punctually no matter which area of the city they reside in. At present we have a large fleet, which is sure to enhance because of ever increasing demand for transport facility.

Miscellaneous Facilities

Most recently we have provided the facility of 55 inches LED on demand to each and every class. This will help the teachers to present their lessons in an interesting and effective manner. The students can also use the facility for their presentations.

A special First Aid Room has been set up to deal with the emergencies. A retired officer from PAF Health Directorate has been given the charge to handle any emergency situations.

In order to provide uninterrupted supply of water, we have installed a tube well on premises. A large number of electric water coolers, installed with filters ensure that all our students have access to clean drinking water all year round. We have installed our own 200KVA power transformer to ensure constant power supply in the school. There is no extra load on the line and hence least power cuts. However, in case of power failure, we have provided UPS connections to all the classes, so that the teaching-learning process can go on without any discomfort to our teachers and students.