Established in 1993, St. Francis’ High School is a secondary education institution with separate sections for boys and girls.

We are affiliated with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Peshawar for SSC examination and registered with PSRA, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

We provide excellent environment for academic excellence and personality grooming through a meticulously set curriculum and vigilantly monitored disciplined environment.

One of the major purposes of education is to help students gain knowledge and skills which make them responsible and productive members of the society. This calls for a holistic approach. At St. Francis’, we take a multi-dimensional approach for leading our students towards academic excellence and character building. We aim at giving them a nurturing environment in which they can discover and polish their natural talents. We believe that each and every child has been granted some special gift by God Almighty. It is the responsibility of the society to help the child explore and use this gift to make this world a better place. Hence, we provide them several opportunities to become what God wants them to be.

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Our Annual Functions

Academics Day

The Annual Academics Day is held to acknowledge the achievements of our students in examinations and co-curricular activities. Trophies and certificates are distributed among the position holders. A variety programme is also presented to entertain our guests. Students deliver speeches, sing songs, present tableaus and skits. Parents feel proud to see their children receiving trophies and expressing themselves confidently on the stage in front of a huge crowd of guests.

Annual Inter-House Athletic Sports Meet

Sports Meet is the climax of the sporting and athletic activities that are conducted all year round. Boys and girls compete in various sports and athletic events on inter-house basis. The competitions are conducted among the four sporting houses, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. On this day, trophies are distributed among the winner houses in different sports. Final athletic events, colourful and melodious drill displays and march past mark the day.

Science, Arts and Culture Exhibition

The Science, Arts and Culture Exhibition is a regular feature on our annual calendar. On this occasion, the students display their science models and art projects. The exhibition is open to parents and special guests. Our young scientists and artisans feel encouraged and elated when their efforts are appreciated by a large number of visitors. We make this exhibition a fun day for our students and visitors by setting up stalls of games and eatables. Camel ride, tonga ride and jumping castle are special treats of the day.

Founding Day

St. Francis’ High School was established on 7th September 1993. This day has a special importance for the faculty and the student body of St. Francis’. We celebrate our Founding Day each year. The students express their views about their school in the form of speeches, poems and songs. The teachers light candles corresponding to the number of years of our existence, symbolizing that God is our light, we vow to continue spreading this light for all times to come.

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BISE Examination Halls

We offer the facility of examination centre to the BISE Peshawar, both for boys and girls. We have custom built examination halls with all the necessary facilities for conducting the board examination. Our distinctive feature is ensuring the smooth running of the exams without any disturbance from outside. We maintain air-tight security during the exam. Our examination halls are equipped with CCTV cameras and the whole exam is monitored by the Chairman BISE and Chief Minister, who always appreciate our efforts for transparency and curbing unfair means.

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Student Office Bearers

In order to develop leadership qualities and to create a sense of responsibility among our students, we give them special duties as Prefect, Class Leader, Deputy Class Leader, Academic Officer, Deputy Academic Officer, House Chief, Deputy House Chief, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, Interior Decorator, Deputy Interior Decorator, Linguistic Officer and Captain of sporting teams. Each student gets a chance to be a badge holder during his or her academic career.

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Our Future Plans

We have come a long way since our inception in 1993. However, it is still a long way to go. With the completion of our building plan in future, we will have an on-campus gymnasium, auditorium, workshops and bigger labs, libraries and workshops. May God be with us.

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All hail to thee our Alma Mater,

We’ll sing far and near,

We vow to love thee true and well,

Until the day we die,

Lead us now in the fight for truth,

And make us bold and strong,

O’ Alma Mater be thou our guide,

And nothing shall we fear.


Our banners wave to honour thee,

Our hearts ‘ere beat high with great joy,

To fight for thee throughout our lives,

To fight against the wrong.